Tina and Her Dog

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Tina and Her Dog

This is a story about Tina and her relation with her
pet, a big Lab named Bear. She gets started loving K9's
at an early age. It started off innocent and went to
much bigger things. At 10 years old, she had her first
orgasm with her new puppy licking her but as he grew
bigger, her wants increased.

I had been masturbating since around 9 years old and
had grown to love the feelings I could give myself. I
had learned how to play with my hot little pussy and
would please myself at night after I went to bed. I
would take my little love button between my fingers and
rub it.

I had never climaxed but I did enjoy the feelings I got
from playing. I even went as far as to try the handle
of my hair brush at first and then moved on to my
favorite thing, a small plastic hot dog I had received
in a kitchen set I got for Christmas. It was the right
shape and I would pretend that it was a boy's cock as I
teased my tiny, hairless slit.

It was my 10th birthday and my Dad bought me a puppy
home. He was a small black Lab and was so playful. I
grew to run and play with him as he loved to tag after
me. He and I was always together day and night as he
stayed inside. I would give him baths and sometimes let
him sleep on my bed.

One day I was in my room, having felt the urge to
masturbate. So I dropped my panties down and had
started playing with my little pussy. As I lay back and
diddled my small slit, I was starting to really enjoy
it. Then Bear hopped up onto my bed as I continued to
play with myself. I reached out to pet his head with my
hand as he started to lick my fingers. I guess my scent
must have drawn him to lick my fingers. I continued to
play with my wet slit as he got down between my spread
thighs. I felt his tongue as he gave my pussy a big
lick. I love it!

As I opened my puffy lips for him to lick me more, I
took his head into my hands and guided him to me. I
felt his hot tongue as he began to slowly lick my
smooth pussy. It felt so good! I looked down to see his
long tongue as he licked me, my little pussy on fire as
he probed the outside lips. I heard my Mom coming down
the hall and quickly pushed him away and pulled up my

It was a few days later and I had gotten ready for bed
that night. My dad had came and tucked me into bed,
kissing me good night. I lay there with Bear for a few
minutes and then threw back the covers. I eased my gown
up and lowered my panties as I felt that feeling come
over me. I needed to masturbate. I slowly started to
rub my slit as I talked to Bear. I wanted him to lick
me again.

I was not disappointed as he jumped between my out
spread legs. With my fingers, I opened my puffy lips as
I felt his hot tongue once again at my little slit. He
began to lick me once again as I watched his tongue on
my little twat. It was starting to feel so good! I
would rub my little clit in small circles with my
fingers as he licked me.

This was starting to feel real good now as he continue
to lick me. Then I felt my first climax as it started
deep within my young body, as it made me gasp each time
he licked near the top around my little bud. My entire
body was trembling as the first wave hit me. I had
never experienced anything as good as this felt. I
started to cum as he licked me faster with that hot
tongue. I was throwing my little pussy up to him as my
climax flooded my body, me shaking and trembling all
over as I came. He must have felt the joy he was giving
me as I felt him slowing down.

That night I fell asleep with my panties still off and
my puppy laying beside me. I had my first climax that
night but there would be many more to come.

After that night, I would have him lick me several
times a week. I got to where I couldn't wait to go to
bed. Bear and I had lots of fun together. I loved him
licking me and had noticed that over the next few
months that he was getting bigger. I also started to
notice his red cock as it poked out of its sheath.

One night I started to play with his dick as he lay
there and let me stroke it. It was so hot to the touch
but was a little slimy too. I took my hand and wrapped
my fingers around it as he grew larger in my hand. I
felt his slimy cock as it grew hard, Bear liking what I
was doing as I slowly stroked it for him. I spread my
legs again as I brought his tongue to my wet little
pussy once again.

As he started to lick me, I keep sliding his cock back
and forth in my little hand as he licked me. I started
to wonder what it would feel like if he was to put it
in me. How could I do such a thing? To have a dog fuck
me, what would my parents say if they knew? I wasn't
planning on telling them so I decided to try putting
his cock in my little pussy.

I got up on my hands and knees, bringing Bear around
behind me. It was awkward at first but between he and
I, we finally got him to get me mounted. I helped him
as his cock filled my hand, guiding it to my tiny
opening as I felt him trying to find the entrance to my
wet cunt. His cock was at my entrance as I felt the
head rubbing along the length of my little slit. I had
to have that dick in my hot little pussy! I needed him
to slide it to me as I felt the pressure of it at my
tiny hole.

I pushed back as he plunged into me, taking my breath
away as I gasped in pleasure to his cock as it slipped
into my wet cunt. I felt it go past my pussy lips and
felt the sting as it slid into me. I was having my
cherry taken by my dog! His cock found the right
position as it slid deeper into me. His slick cock was
going in and out as he began to fuck that dick to my
hot pussy.

I felt it going so deep in me as his cock filled my
tiny pussy. It was feeling so good to me now as I
started to work my little ass and hips back to take
more of his long cock. His paws was around my hips as
he went faster, slamming his cock to me as he hunched
that big doggie dick harder to my virgin pussy. I was
loving it as I felt myself begin to cum. I glanced into
the mirror on my dresser and saw his hips as they
worked that dick to me. What a sight to see!

There I was on my hands and knees, my dog fucking my
tight pussy as I watched it go in and out of me. This
just drove me wild as I rapidly fucked back to meet his
thrusts, his doggie cock sinking further into me as we
fucked. I must have cum three times before I felt his
cock start to swell up inside me. I had no idea of what
was to come!

I felt his knot as it swelled up at the base of his
cock, trying to enter my tight little pussy as he
fucked me harder. My pussy was so wet and I was in such
bliss as his knot sank into me. I never knew a dog had
a knot like this, but he was driving me crazy as he
pumped his cock to me. Then I felt his cock as it
started to throb inside my tight little pussy as he
started to cum. I could feel the hot cum as it shot
deep inside my little pussy.

He was filling me with that hot cum as I felt it
flowing out of his dick and into every inch of my tiny
pussy. It was so hot! I was loving this, him pumping
that doggie dick to me as he came deep inside me! I
felt that big doggie cock as it pounded my tiny pussy
so hard as he continued to cum inside me. I kept
cumming myself as his hot doggie cum filled me.

This was my first time of being fucked and I loved
every minute of it. I even started to talk to some of
my girl friends at school about sex. I learned that
some of them had already had been fucking for a while.
One young girl, Mary, my best friend told me about her
and her father doing it. She said they had been doing
it for over a year and that she liked it. I asked her
if she had ever been licked by a dog. She was a little
shy about answering me but then confessed to having her
dog lick her too. Asking her more about it, she said
she had never been fucked by a dog but had seen his
doggie cock all red and wet.

I invited her over to my house to spend the night on a
weekend. Mary took me up on it and came over that next
weekend to spend the night. I knew then that we were
going to have lots of fun that night.

Mary came over and we watched a couple of videos
together. I could not wait to get her in my room that
night and let her see what Bear could do. I knew that
she would like it when we went to bed.

Sure enough, we went to bed and closed my door, locking
it as we settled in for a long night. Mary had no idea
of what was in store for her that night.

As we lay there in my bed, we started to talk about
sex. I asked her if she really liked doing it with her
dad and she said she loved it. She told me about how he
would sit her on top of him and lick her pussy at night
before putting is big cock into her pussy. I asked her
to show me what her pussy looked like and she started
to strip out of her gown as I did the same.

I saw her little hairless pussy, her lips so profound
as they seemed so swollen. She showed me how she played
with her pussy as I started to drool. I wanted to taste
her small pussy and I wanted her to taste mine. I
dropped my hand to her smooth twat and felt the heat
from it as I ran a finger over her slit.

As I was doing this, she also ran her fingers over my
slit, pausing to rub my clit as she worked her fingers
over it. She had a lovely shaped pussy and I was doing
everything I knew to make it feel good for her as she
started to finger fuck my tiny opening.

I took her and rolled her over as I placed my pussy
against hers, rubbing out little clits together as I
grabbed her ass and pulled her tight to me. We were
fucking each other with our little pussies as Bear
climbed onto the bed. I patted her ass and helped him
mount her as I whispered to her,

"My dog loves to fuck me. You will like it too," I said
as I took his cock and guided it to her wet pussy...

Part II is coming so be watching for more of Tina.

I hope you enjoyed this story and if you did, send me
an email and I will answer you soon. My address
is:donwalk@hotmail.com so let me hear from you. I would
love to hear from you about any of your experiences as