Sister, Our Dog And Me

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Sister, Our Dog And Me

My sister Mikki was sprawled on her bed with her
face buried in her pillow. Our dog Nax was slurping at
her 14 year-old pussy like he was drinking from a bowl
of water. My quarter inch dick sprang up, I know I was
horny because it grew to almost 1/2 inch. I began to
jerk off like my stepdad had taught me.

        In my preoccupied state, I accidentally elbowed
the door. Mikki jumped up, throwing Nax off the bed. I
walked in slowly, showing off my tiny yet hard schlong.

        "Mikki, Mikki, Mikki. What am I gonna do with

        "Please don't tell!!!" She begged. "I'll do
whatever you want.... and I mean anyyyyything!!!!"

        I got the hint and walked over to her. She was
sitting so my mighty midget was right in her face.

        "First, yer gonna get on that bed......ON YER
KNEES!!" I barked at her. I wanted to show her who was
running the show. She got on all fours and moaned with
anticipation. I straddled her from behind and began to
pump her tight ass like I actually had a decent sized
dick. She moaned in ecstasy as my rod slid into her
shit chute. In my anxious state I didn't see or feel
Nax jump on the bed and walk over to me. I did, however
feel him mount me and start to fuck away at my ass.

        I was afraid yet I was intrigued. So this was
what Carl felt when he stayed after school to help
the janitor man clean up the back-room. It was wonder-

        We continued like this, me pounding my sister
while our dog pumped my ass, till sometime around 2 in
the morning, when exhausted, we all fell asleep in each
others arms and paws.

                - - - -

        Later that day, I received a phone call from my
best friend Gurd. He informed me that he had heard and
had seen everything that had happened the night before.
He had been at my sister's window peeping on her, and
saw me come into her room. He said he had stayed out-
side the window all night watching us.

        He demanded that he be cut in on the action. I
began to think of the possibilities. But that's another