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My Wife and the Dog

My wife Cheryl and I had been married for 26 years and
our sex life was down to once or twice a month. We had
tried various ways to bring more excitement to the
bedroom but nothing seemed to work. We brought various
sex novels to bed and we liked to read them together.
But the only ones that seemed too get her hot were the
ones where women had sex with animals.

While we were reading them her pussy would get wet and
swollen and she would have me finger her to orgasm.
Sometimes she would get excited and have me take her
doggy style and pretend I was a big dog. I even
borrowed a dog from a friend but she wouldn't even
think about messing with it.

But things changed one weekend when we went out to my
brother's house for a swim. He has a house on 15 acres
and has a pond that covers almost an acre. We had been
swimming for about an hour and were lying on the deck
on some lounge chairs. My brother has several dogs, but
only one of them is not fixed. His name is Duke.

Duke is a large mixed breed dog with a rather large
penis. I always carry a small tape measure on my keys,
and when he had an erection I checked to see how long
and how big around he was. He is a little over 10
inches long and almost 3 inches around. Where his knot
is he is over 5 inches around.

We were lying on the deck chairs, and I had been
playing with Cheryl's pussy. She was wet and had her
eyes closed while I fingered her. All of sudden Duke,
who had been sniffing the air near her pussy, came over
and without any warning started to lick her pussy.
Cheryl had on a one piece suit so he couldn't get to
her pussy, but was licking her thighs next to her

At first she didn't react, but when she opened her eyes
and saw Duke she yelled at him and he jumped away. Duke
moved away and sat there with his penis hanging out
about 6 inches, all red and slick with his juices.  
Cheryl saw it, and since she had never seen a dog with
an erection thought he had hurt himself. When she said
that I laughed and explained how a dog kept his penis
in its sheath till it got hard.

Then she asked, "Did he get that big from licking my
pussy through my suit?"
I said "Yes, and just imagine how big he would get if
you let him lick your naked pussy."

Cheryl has real nice round tits, and her nipples are
almost an inch long and as big around as a man's thumb.
As she looked at Dukes penis her nipples got hard and
were standing up.

She bit her lower lip and asked, "Would you get mad if
I let him lick my pussy?"

I said "No, go ahead."

To my surprise she stood up and took her suit off.
Cheryl has a very hairy pussy, but she keeps it shaved
down to just a racing stripe.

I should explain that the pond is in a grove of thick
trees, and there are no houses around for several

Cheryl lay back down and called Duke. Duke ran over and
started to lick her very wet pussy. I got down next to
her and watched as he really started to lick up every
drop of her pussy juice. Cheryl was pinching her
nipples and pushing her pussy against his nose and
softly moaning how good it was.

I reached down and took my fingers and spread her pussy
lips apart so Duke could stick his tongue inside her
pussy. When he did this it was like someone had stuck a
live wire in her pussy. She wrapped her legs around his
neck and grabbed his head and pulled him into her
pussy. Duke acted as if he couldn't get enough of her
pussy juice and kept licking till he found her clit.
Cheryl has a larger than normal clit that stands up
most of the time. She wears a pad in her panties,
because if she doesn't she'll get a wet spot in her

When Duke found her clit, it was a good thing we were
out in the woods because she started to scream. She
wanted the whole world to know that her pussy was on
fire. All of a sudden Duke jerked away from Cheryl and
jumped up and tried to fuck her.

Duke's penis was fully erect and so hard it almost
seemed as if you could cut glass with it! He tried to
stick it in her pussy, but it was going up and down
between her swollen pussy lips. While he was doing this
he was hitting her clit, causing her to cum so many
time I lost count.

Cheryl suddenly reached down and grabbed Duke's swollen
penis. Using it like a dildo, she put the head into her
swollen pussy. Now I don't have a giant penis but I'm
almost 8 inches and have a large head on it. But when
Duke's pussy splitter entered her Cheryl, it was going
where no man had been. It was almost as if Cheryl was a
virgin again.

Duke drove his huge cock into her with one lunge and
was all the way up to his knot. I didn't think Cheryl
could take his knot the first time, so I grabbed his
penis to keep the knot out of her pussy. Cheryl wrapped
her legs around his body and started to fuck her pussy
right back against his big cock. His penis was very
slippery and I lost my grip, and Duke slipped his
growing knot into her pussy. Now he was balls deep in
her and fucking her like a rag doll.

Cheryl said, "Oh my Lord! He's swelling up in my pussy
and it feels so good!"

Duke's sheath was rubbing against her clit, and she was
out of this world in ecstasy. All of a sudden Duke let
out a growl and a whine and started to fill her pussy
with his sperm. His penis had swelled up so much that
he couldn't pull out of her pussy, yet sperm still
managed to squirt out of her pussy running down the
crack of her ass.

To my surprise Duke's penis didn't go soft, and he laid
his head between Cheryl's tits and close his eyes and
took a break. After about ten minutes he started to
fuck Cheryl again and they were off like gang busters.
Duke has great stamina and he kept fucking Cheryl for
almost an hour.

Finally he went soft enough to slowly pull his penis
out of her pussy.  With a wet, sucking noise it slid
out and hung down under his balls. His penis was still
swollen larger than most men's, and he lay down and
started to lick it clean. Cheryl's pussy was still
gaping open after that huge cock spread her open, and
sperm and pussy juice was running out.

I couldn't help myself: my cock was harder than it had
ever been and I just had to fuck her. I noticed
immediately that she was a lot looser, but it didn't
matter. I came like a fire hose after just a dozen or
so strokes.

Cheryl just lay there rubbing her nipples with a big
smile on her face.  I got some water from the pump and
gently washed her pussy. After I got her cleaned up, I
helped her get her suit back on. She slept all the way
home. She had douched her pussy several times, but it
was still several days before she got all of Duke's
sperm out of her.

This happened several years ago and now we have a male
black lab named Jake who fucks Cheryl almost every day.
Several of her friends join her.  It's amazing how easy
it is to get a woman to fuck Jake after they see his
huge penis.

Cheryl found a friend that does yoga, and has taught
her to tighten up her pussy muscles so I still can have
fun in bed with Cheryl.

Thanks to Duke best friend, I have a wife who is always
horny. The dog truly is man's best friend.