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My Friend's Pony

Michael lived in a rural area with beautiful green
country side in England. It looked like scenes from
PBS/BBC nature documentaries with green pastures, lush
trees, and overcast weather. I was glad already that I
accepted his offer to visit. This was my first trip to
the country side.

I was so tired when I arrived from my journey from the
USA that, I napped for a long time. It was the next
day by the time I woke. My sleep left me with that
groggy-sleepy-horny-hungry feeling. Needless to say, I
felt very relaxed too. Michael asked if I wanted to go
for a walk first before breakfast.

We walked down a dirt road. The weather was warm and a
little humid. As we ambled along a slope, my host
pointed out a barn and invited me to see it. Since we
had already written each other about our attraction to
animals, I started feeling very excited inside. But
since I had only just arrived, I didn't want to rush
things. So I stayed as cool, calm, and collected as I
could. But since Michael invited me in, I wasn't about
to decline such hospitality.

Inside, was a nice brown pony munching on some hay.
The pony seemed to greet Michael with much affection.
We walked over and Michael stroked the pony. He
nuzzled my arm. Michael smiled at me said, "He likes
you already. See, he can tell who's friendly and who's
not. Let's go for a walk with him."

We left the barn and walked along the dirt road thru
the hills. The pony trotted ahead. The scenery was
beautiful. There were more green slopes and some
distant trees. We took a bend and ended up back to the
barn from a different path.

After entering, Michael started rubbing with a towel
the pony. The pony liked being stroked. I got a towel
and helped. He was firm and strong and felt very
smooth. I hadn't noticed at first, but Michael moved
from rubbing his hind leg to his rear, and was now
petting his balls. This excited me very much. Michael
invited me to stroke him too.

The pony got very excited. He started moving around
and his erection began to grow. He was a beautiful
brown with lively alert eyes. I was so involved in the
pony that I hadn't noticed that Michael had removed
his pants and was naked from the waist down. Michael
started to hug the pony and rub his cock against his
beautiful coat. I continued rubbing the pony's balls
and belly.

I was nervous about touching his erection for fear of
startling or scarring him. I slowly guided my hand
forward from his balls to his slick dick. I rubbed his
belly with my cheek. His soft coat felt so good on
face. Michael suggested I put my clothes on a bale of
hay in front of the pony. I had to tear myself away
from him to do so.

I walked over to the bale and undid my pants. As I
bent over to take to my first leg out, the pony
nuzzled my rear. His damp mouth and hot breath on my
rear excited me even more. Michael said that meant the
pony wanted to fuck me and suggested that I lie on the
bale of hay. I said that I had never done anything
like this before and worried it might be too much for
me. He said that the animals are very sensitive and
would be gentle because he could tell that I was

I kneeled at the end of the bale and leaned forward
onto the it on my stomach bent at the hips. The pony
walked up behind me. His belly brushed against my back
while he moved over me. I felt his wet dick touch my
left cheek, then felt Michael's hand on my side. He
rubbed my cheek and guided the pony's dick to my anus.
The pony seemed very excited, but Michael calmed him.

The pony stepped forward, and his warm, wet dick
pressed against me firmly. Michael told me to relax
and spread my legs a little. As I did, his dick sank
into me. It hurt at first because he was much larger
than a man's dick, and I was a beastie-virgin. But it
was wet, warm, and slippery enough that there wasn't
too much friction. Michael stood in front of him so he
wouldn't step forward more until I was ready.

After a minute, my anus stopped throbbing. The pony
already was wriggling around and wanted more. Michael
said that he would let him go if I was ready. I
relaxed as much as I could. I was VERY turned on. His
dick went in farther and rubbed against my prostate. I
had never been so stimulated in my live. The pony
started pumping in and out. I clutched the bale of hay
with my arms. My erection poked into the hay. The
pony's pumping kept pressing me against the hay and it
felt like I was fucking the hay.

I looked at Michael standing beside us, stroking the
pony's neck and his own dick. He had a nice, very
uncut dick where the skin completely covered the head
even when erect. The head of his cock was wet and
oozed pre-cum from under the foreskin. It looked so
juicy; I wanted to lick it. But I was so involved in
the pony that I couldn't think.

The pony felt so warm and smooth on my back and inside
me. I could feel that he really liked me, and I liked
him. It felt like we were one. I wanted to turn over
and hug the pony with my whole being while he screwed
me. But I started to cum, and exploded into the bale
of hay as I hugged the bale of hay with my whole body.
It was the most overpowering orgasm I had ever
experienced and consumed me totally.

I had finished, but the pony hadn't. My sphincter was
very relaxed now and the pony was fucking with all of
his animal passion. I was so stimulated that my
erection didn't go down and I was going to climax a
second time.

At that moment the pony started to whinny. I squeezed
my anus and started to cum again. I could feel his
dick pulse and my insides filling with my pony-lovers
cum. We were completely in rhythm; we were one.

Eventually we both stopped and lingered in that
position for a long time. The heat from the pony felt
warm against my back. Michael smiled and said that he
shot twice too. I felt his cum on my side me and
rubbed some of the spillage into my skin.

Michael stroked the pony and me together both, and
smiled as he said, "Welcome to the wide world of
animals dude."