Dogfucking: A Romantic Vignette

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Dogfucking: A Romantic Vignette

It was already well after midnight when I arrived home after a long day of work, so I entered the house quietly, figuring my wife might be asleep. Shutting the kitchen door behind me, my heart immediately began pounding hard as my ears detected the sounds of soft moaning coming from the den. It was dark, but I knew my way around the house and headed in the direction of the moans, my prick stiffening already. In my head danced beautiful visions of my petite, tan, taut wife writhing around on the chaise lounge with her fingers in her pink velvet hole, her sweet nectar dripping from her engorged pussylips just begging for my tongue. Maybe she was finger-fucking herself and thinking of me? My cock grew a little stiffer as I walked down the hall, enchanted by the moans as if they were coming from a siren at sea.

I walked silently to the arched doorway leading into the den and peeked into the room. My mouth fell open at the sight I then beheld: Rena, my wife, was indeed sprawled on the chaise, her toned legs spread wide open, her flat, naked abdomen quivering, her pert breasts bouncing on her chest with her moans and cries. Her slender fingers were rubbing circles hard on her clit. The only illumination came from the full moon streaming in from the window next to the chaise lounge. She was completely nude save for a pair of white silken slippers, their icy sheen a sexy contrast to her tan, lean legs.

In between her taut thighs was our German Shepherd, Larius. Also called Larry. She had indeed seemed quite friendly with the dog lately... I stood frozen in shock at the sight, so taboo, yet so undeniably erotic. There was my petite wife, all 95lbs or so of her, long dark hair tossed over her shoulder, thighs spread as an offering for the large, lucky dog. Her eyes were closed as she rubbed herself to ecstasy while Larius lapped up and down the velvety folds of Rena's slick pussy. I could see her cunt meat glistening in the moonlight. My prick continued to grow harder at the sights and sounds unfolding before me.

I stepped into the room and the floorboards creaked, tearing the dog's attention from Rena's pussy to me. Her mouth fell open and she gasped. The dog stepped away and Rena closed her legs, the backs of her skinny thighs slathered with dog saliva and her cunt juices. She sat up on the chair and stared up at me in shock. My pulse was racing; I was recovering from the surprise and was now completely aroused at the sight of her naked body, so vulnerable beneath the big dog. I had no idea she was interested in beasts, but it had turned me on to the point of now being nearly delirious with lust at the discovery.

"Honey, I-" she began as if to explain her actions. I pressed my fingers to her lips.

She looked up at me, her chocolate brown eyes sparkling in the moonlight. I slowly sat down next to her on the chaise and laid down, pulling her naked body to me. She pressed up hard against me and I took her in my arms, kissing her hard. Rena moaned in my mouth and parted her legs, wrapping one around my back. My bulging package was stabbing into her bald pussy mound.

We continued kissing passionately, my lips escaping hers to explore the rest of her nude body. She began unbuttoning my shirt and pants, and soon we were naked and writhing together on the chaise while Larry watched from the floor. Pre-cum dribbled from my cockhead onto her pussy mound. I sucked her tiny, rock hard nipples while fingering her clit fast, making her moan louder.

Then I pulled her on top of me as I laid on my back and had her sit on my cock facing away from me. Her slick pussy easily swallowed my 8" prick to the balls. She bounced up and down eagerly on my shaft, her ass slapping hard on my thighs as she built up a fast pace atop me. With my fingers on her stuffed mound and hard clit, I let her ride my cock to orgasm, her body writhing and finally collapsing against my chest with her pussy impaled by my prick meat.

"Call the dog up to you," I said in a low voice, choked with lust, slowing my thrusts.

"What?" she said breathlessly.

"Make him lick your cunt while my cock is inside you."

Rena moaned, her head against my chest. I moved my hands to her thighs, pulling them wide open and giving her a few hard thrusts after doing so. Keeping her legs spread, she softly called out to Larius.

"Louder, come on baby, make him eat your pussy meat. Call him up in between your legs. Make him lick your cuntlips and clitty, it will be so fucking sexy! Command him. Make the dog to eat your pussy while I keep my cock buried up inside you, Rena!"

"Larry! Here boy, come here," she said, patting her stuffed pussy. She moaned as she patted her gash, rubbing her thick cunt meat while I stayed still inside her, holding her legs open. My long, thick cock reached into her cervix, ready to explode in her womb as soon as I let myself.

The German Shepherd moved to the base of the chaise lounge and with some more encouragement finally jumped up to lick Rena's cock-filled pussy while her legs were splayed wide open. She began moaning as soon as she felt the animal's long, pink tongue on her pussylips. I groaned, feeling the dog lick from my balls up to Rena's clit and pussy mound. Her moans grew louder as I started slowly thrusting into her womb while she commanded the dog to keep licking.

"That is so fucking hot, baby," I groaned. She moaned back. "Why didn't you fucking tell me, ungh, ohhh, tell me you had a thing for the dog?"

"Oh, honey, I wanted to so bad! Ohhh, oh yes, yes, good boy, Larry! Fuck! Baby, I wanted to tell you, believe me..." Her voice trembled and her legs were shaking, and I had a feeling she was nearing a climax.

"You gonna cum for me?"

"Yes, baby..."

"Cum for me. Cum on my cock, baby, cream all over my prick... Come on, squeeze my cock with your cunt, ohhh, yeah, yeah, oh fuck! Like that, oh, yes, keep your legs wide, let the dog eat into your cunt, my God I can feel his tongue on my shaft, holy shit, this is incredible, baby..."

"Oh, yes, I'm cumming, yes, ohhhhhhh fuck!" screamed Rena, her body trembling wildly. She grinded against me, filling herself as full of my cock as she could while the dog lapped up her cuntlips and clitty. I groaned at the feeling of her spasming pussy on my stiff meat, ready to blow my own load.

Rena's cries filled the house and I grunted that I was cumming, too. We moaned together, my prick flooding her womb with sperm. My cock throbbed as it exploded, jets of cum inundating her hole. I could feel it leak out onto my balls and I moaned as the dog slurped it up with Rena's pussy juices. She trembled atop me, her legs weak and heavy now. My cock was still pulsing and oozing semen into her cunthole. Larry kept licking until Rena commanded him to stop for a moment. The poor dog was obviously excited; he started haunching at the air when he jumped off the chaise.

"Rena, have you fucked the dog?" I asked breathlessly.

"No... I tried, but haven't been able to get him inside me by myself... I... I could use some help..." she said, turning to me as my cock slipped out of her sperm-soaked pussyhole.

"I'm always here for you, always, my darling."

She looked deep into my eyes and nodded. I told her to wait on the chaise and I left the room to get some items -- namely some towels and socks for the dog so he wouldn't claw up Rena's petite body when he nailed her hard. I wondered if she'd take the knot?

When I came back into the room she was laying on her back, letting the dog lick the sperm from her pussy. My prick twinged, already trying to stir back to life. I spread a soft blanket on the floor and had her get on all fours after turning the lights on. This I wanted to be able to see clearly!

"Oh, socks, that's a good idea, honey! I didn't even think of that," said Rena as I began fitting the socks on the dog's forepaws. I could see a pink cock-knob poking out from Larry's underside, dancing in and out of his sheath. She turned and looked over her shoulder, eyeing the haunching dog apprehensively.

"Don't be nervous, baby, just have fun. I'm here to help," I said soothingly. She smiled a tight smile and wiggled her ass in the air. Larius walked up behind her and began sniffing at her scent. She cried out when he began slurping up and down her slit, leaving a trail of saliva from her cuntlips to her thigh.

"Good boy, Larry, don't destroy Mommy's pussy, okay? Be a good dog..." she said in between moans.

"You gotta let him cum in your pussy, baby, that would be so damn hot, you can't miss out on that, you know."

"I don't know..." she said. "It's so filthy!"

"So filthy-sexy! You have to let him cum in you, Rena. You know how much cum can spew from a dog prick? You love creampies in your pussy or your ass! He'll cum gallons up in your womb, baby, you'll be flooded with sperm!"

"No, honey, don't let him cum in me... Don't let him knot me. I'm not ready for that yet!"

I was disappointed, though still eager to see her penetrated by the large animal. After letting Larry lick Rena's cunt out a little longer, I called him up to mount her. The large German Shepherd complied after circling around her, jumping up on her back and wrapping his paws tightly around her slim waist. Rena was so petite and the dog so large, his whole body covered hers as he draped himself upon her, weighing her down.

He was humping at her backside and she was groaning as the bone-hard prick poked at her ass, seeking entrance to her body. My cock was hard as nails at the sight of the big dog dominating my petite wife. I helped move his legs in place so he could better aim for her pussyhole, and after a few more moments poking around, his cockhead finally parted her pussylips and he instinctively rammed himself forward.

Rena began wailing as the German Shepherd slammed into her hard upon feeling her sex around his eager prick. Her small tits were jiggling beneath her as Larius pounded manically. He was fucking her off the towel in moments, his powerful thrusts beginning to push her all around the living room. I pulled on my dick and watched in awe at the sight, so raunchy, and so fucking hot!

I heard squelching sounds as the animal screwed my wife hard, figuring his prick was growing inside her tight pussy walls. She moaned loudly at the intense penetration. Larry's nuts swung wildly at her pussy gash while he fucked her with a jackhammer pace no human could ever match. His forepaws remained wrapped tightly around her belly.

"Oh yeah, fuck yeah, his cock is getting huge, oh my, fuck, I'm gonna cum soon, oh yes, oh yes, yes! Fuck, fuck me, doggie, fuck! He fucks like a fucking machine!" cried Rena, her face and long, dark hair all sweaty. Larry's body was draped over hers as his hips rammed at her hard, seeking to fill her with his seed.

Her mouth dropped open and she let out a guttural moan, her powerful climax making her body shake and collapse to the floor. Larry kept hammering her even with her face pressed to the floor, his balls pressed up hard against her ass and wet gash. The squelching sounds of the animal's cock in my wife's cunt as he rutted away on top of her, the smell of her cunt, the incredibly raunchy act of bestiality, all of it was making me delirious with lust.

"Honey..." she said weakly from the floor. "Don't let him cum in me... His cock is getting huge, don't let him knot me..."

I stepped up behind the dog, now panting hard as he maintained his manic pace fucking Rena's cunt. My prick twitched at the scene, seeing her wet pussy gash all stuffed with dog cock meat. I didn't even try to pull him off her or look to see if he'd knotted her yet.

"Oh, shit, baby, I can't," I said, jacking hard on my dick. "He's already knotted to you! He's stuck in your pussy good! I can't try to pull him off, it'd hurt you and the dog!"

Rena let out a long moan, her pert breasts bouncing. Larry had fucked her all the way across the living room, his paws still wrapped around her tightly. I stood behind the copulating dog and bitch, getting a good close up, jerking my prick hard at the scene. The dog's pink prick was buried deep up inside my wife, ready to inseminate her at any moment.

Larius began slowing his pace and I knew he was ready to unload his seed in Rena's cunt. She moaned, crying out that his cock was stretching her pussy, splitting it open, stuffing her way up into her womb! I reached beneath her and rubbed her pussy mound and indeed it felt so fat and stuffed with dog meat. Larius panted hard, his nuts swinging to a stop pressed against Rena's ass crack.

"Oh my God, he's cumming in me! He's cumming! Oh, shit, holy shit, it's so much cum! Fuck! It's so hot, he's bathing my insides with sperm! Christ! Fuck! Ahhh, fuck! Yes, shit, keep rubbing my clit, honey, I'm gonna cum with the fucking dog, I'm cumming while he's unloading in my pussy!" cried Rena.

I rubbed her clit hard and she grinded against the dog cock impaling her pussy, screaming that she was cumming. Her body shook while the dog stayed still, wrapped tightly to the human bitch while he flooded her womb with semen. I pulled and twisted her nipples with my other hand while rubbing her clit.

Then I felt wetness on my hand and looked down to see dog cum dripping down Rena's thighs. I shivered, my cock needing to explode! When she was done orgasming, I stood at her face and she sucked my cock hard. Larry stayed still, knotted to my wife. She moaned in between sucks on my cock about how good it felt to be tied to the dog and how she was glad he knotted her. I groaned, starting to face-fuck her. Larry held on, his cum dripping out of my wife's pussy into a puddle on the floor. Rena choked and sputtered around my cock, coming up for air.

"His cock is still twitching inside me, oh my God, it feels so good... I have so much cum inside me, you were so right, honey, I love it..."

"I'm glad, baby, and it looks like Larry loves it, too!"

Larry was panting, and I swear it looked like he was smiling. Rena's cuntlips dangled, dog sperm dripping off them. She pulled hard on my cock with my mushroom head in her mouth and I groaned, trying to hold my load as long as possible.

The dog suddenly started struggling to free himself from Rena's tight pussyhole, making her cry out. She moaned as he pulled hard, trying to free his prick from her insides. We tried to calm the dog down but he pulled away again, turning ass to ass with her. I could see him locked to her cunt with his pink, shiny, veiny shaft lodged in her womb. She shrieked as the dog tugged her, yanking her painfully and helplessly. This was hot, too!

Sperm leaked steadily from the inundated cunt, coating the back of Rena's thighs and her ass and puddling onto the wooden floorboards. Larry barked at me, as if asking for my help to free him. I patted him, trying to keep him calm. With my other hand I reached between Rena's legs and began massaging her cunt, stuffed with dog meat and coated with dog sperm. I massaged the sperm into her cuntlips and clit, making her moan.

Larry pulled again and this time finally broke free. A torrent of cum began flooding from Rena's cunthole, dripping down onto the floor. Her eyes widened at the sight of the dog cock and knot that had just been locked in her womb -- the dog cock was about 8" long, and the knot almost the size of grapefruit! It was pink and shiny with cum and pussy juice.

Larius went off to lick his cock clean and I stepped up behind my wife, staring at her gaping pussyhole oozing dog cum. She turned to look at me, waving her ass at me as she stayed on all fours. I gave her ass a playful smack and reached down to rub her cunt, getting my hand covered with semen. She moaned as I rubbed her cuntlips.

I took my rock hard prick in hand, lubricating it with dog cum, and pressed it against Rena's puckered asshole. She gasped but wiggled her ass at me, encouraging my prickhead to part her asshole. I held her hips and forced my cockhead into her rectum, splitting it open for my meat as she grunted beneath me. Dog cum leaked out of her pussy in globs to a puddle on the floor as I struggled to shove my meat deep into her bowels. The dog sat a few feet away, licking the subsiding pink prick that had just exploded inside my wife's womb. I shuddered at the obscene sight and smell of cum and sex filling the room.

My attention shifted back to Rena's asshole being filled with my stiff cock meat. A few inches of my shaft were inside her now, and she was groaning louder. Cum continued dripping off her pussylips to the floor below. I braced myself for a moment before plunging forward hard, suddenly stuffing Rena's shitter full of my raging prick, my balls smashing against her oozing gash. She cried out, her face and hair sweaty from the intense dog sex and the pain of my cock stretching her anus.

She gasped as I thrust forward again, shoving her lower body into the floor, her face resting against the floorboards now as I mounted her ass. My hand left her hip and moved over her slender torso to pull her hard nipples, twisting and tweaking them. I could easily cover her small B cup tits with my hands, my caresses and squeezes making her groans turn to cries of pleasure.

I began thrusting harder into Rena's asshole, forcing my prick up into her guts. With my right hand, I cupped her pubic mound and rubbed it over her swollen lower abdomen, feeling her belly bulging from the invasive 8" cock in her ass. My balls were now coated with the dog cum that continued oozing out of her sloppy pussy. I groaned at the pleasurable feeling of her tight asshole around my raging cock meat. Her ass muscles were squeezing my dick hard and I shuddered, trying to control myself from spilling my seed too soon into her guts.

Larius was watching us with interest from the floor, panting happily, his cock having deflated now. I bucked wildly at Rena's asshole, stretching it to accommodate my raging member. Rena was moaning louder now, her asscheeks slapping at my thighs with my every thrust. I rubbed her clit hard while keeping a couple fingers in her pussy slit, and I could tell she was close to orgasm.

Her ass bounced hard back at my hips, burying my cock in her rectum. The lewd sounds of my cock squelching around in her shitter were filling the den. Larius perked his ears up and wagged his tail, watching us rutting like animals. I kept my hand tightly on Rena's chest, grasping her tits hard. She let out a long wail and told me to finger her harder, she was about to cum!

With two fingers in her cunt and one on her clitty, I fingered her manically while pounding her ass with an athletic pace. She threw her head back, groaning, her body convulsing and her ass muscles spasming around my cock. I knew she was cumming. She screamed and writhed beneath me and I knew I wasn't going to last much longer. I put my hands on her asscheeks, spreading them as far apart as I could to jam my prick as deeply inside of her ass as possible to deposit my seed.

Before I could cum, I gasped at the feeling of weight upon my shoulders. I cried out and turned my head to see Larius trying to mount me! Surprised, I abruptly pulled out of Rena's ass, making her scream. My cock pulled from her depths with a loud sucking sound. It was raging hard, an angry red color, straining to explode.

I got up and the dog quickly took my place. Rena tried to get up, struggling to get away from the dog before he mounted her again. I grabbed him by the collar and he tried to break away to get inside my wife again. She moaned, rubbing her ass and looking up at me.

"Well, honey, looks like the dog got excited again!" I laughed. "Hmmm, I have an idea! I hope this works!"

I then got on my back and pulled Rena on top of me, my stiff prick sinking into her sloppy wet cunt instantly. More sperm leaked out as my cock plunged inside of her. She moaned and began riding me, fucking me with a fast pace until she felt the dog jump up on her back. I pulled her close to my chest and she raised her ass in the air, wiggling it at the dog. She moaned when she felt his cold nose in her asshole, and then I cried out feeling the animal's tongue licking at my balls.

Every few licks I could feel the tongue on the part of my shaft not stuffed in Rena's cunt, making me shudder violently. I put my hands on her asscheeks and spread her ass for the dog, letting him lick deeply into her crevice. She moaned, her pussy squeezing my cock hard. Larius licked her all over, all over her stuffed gash, into her asshole, all over her cum-covered thighs. I tried not to explode, wanting to last as long as possible to see what would happen next with the horny dog.

Rena grunted as she felt the dog jump up onto her back, weighing us both down. The dog's panting tongue was right over her shoulder, his paws wrapping around her waist. I held her asscheeks, encouraging the beast to join me inside Rena. She groaned, feeling the beast's hard prick knob poking at her ass as it danced in and out of its sheath.

The dog humped manically at my wife for several minutes while we both groaned. Every so often I could feel the animal's bone hard prickhead stabbing at my shaft which was already staunchly occupying Rena's hole. It was her ass I was trying to get the dog inside of! Larry panted hard with his efforts, forepaws tight around Rena's belly.

Suddenly Rena let out a scream and I knew the beast had just stabbed her asshole with his cock. She shuddered on top of me, her pussy pulsing around my raging prick, as Larry pushed forward with all his strength. Rena and I both groaned with the dog's forceful thrusts, determined to stuff his doggy dick deep inside my wife.

"Fuck, he just jabbed my asscrack so hard! Oh shit, he's so close, so close to my asshole, oh fuck, fuck! Ahhhh! Oh my God! Ahhhhhh!" wailed Rena, and I knew the dog had penetrated her puckered asshole.

Immediately the dog began thrusting like a jackhammer, seeking to fill Rena up with his seed. I could feel the animal's growing fuck-stick delving deeper into Rena's bowels as I kept my dick still up in her womb. Her eyes closed and her mouth fell open as the dog began pounding her ass violently. I gasped, feeling her pussy get tighter around my own prick meat as the dog fucked her ass.

"Oh my God, his cock, it's fucking growing in my ass, holy shit, I'm scared, honey, I don't want the knot in my ass... oooh, ouch, ohh fuck, ahhhhh..." groaned Rena.

"Yes you do, you want the knot, baby, take the knot and the sperm in your ass! Come on, I know you'll love it! It'll be so hot to see that dog cum leaking out of her asshole, Rena!" I said through clenched teeth as I tried to fuck my cock deeper into Rena's womb.

My thrusts were overshadowed by the dog's manic pumping as his cock continued to grow in Rena's shitter. She and I were both sweating, both groaning together now. It was intense -- I felt the dog's prick growing, reaching for Rena's guts, making her pussy seal my cock up tightly. Her pussy squeezed around my prick like a velvet glove, the sounds of my cock in her wet pussy and the dog's cock stretching out her asshole filling the room.

"Fuck, his cock is getting so big! Oh shit, I can't believe I'm gonna take his knot up in my ass! Fuck! It's the size of a goddamn grapefruit, honey, oh my God, he's gonna rip my shitter! He's gonna split my ass open!" moaned Rena.

The big German Shepherd continued his anal invasion while I kept my prick as deep in Rena's womb as possible. Larry still clenched my wife's waist tight while he nailed her hard, his nuts slapping at her pert ass with his thrusts. She moaned in ecstasy, her face contorted with the overwhelmingly intense and undeniably taboo double-penetration. I closed my eyes, taking in the sounds of man and beast cock in my wife's cunt and the heady smells of sex in the air. His cock was doing all the work for me, making my own prick jam hard up in Rena's cunt.

"Oh yes, fuck, his cock is huuuuuuge!" screamed Rena. "Oh, he's filling my ass so full of cock baby, oh yes, yes, the dog's fuckin' my ass hard while you fuck me in my cunt! I hope you cum with the dog, baby, so I can feel both my holes filled with sperm! Sperm in my cunt and sperm in my ass! Ooh, yes, fuck me, baby, fuck me doggy, yes, fuck my ass, yes, good boy... Fuck! The knot is growing now, shit, he's sealing my guts up with dog cock!"

"Yes, yes, baby, let that dog cock fuck you up your ass and fill it full of sperm! I'll fill your cunt up soon, baby, I need to blow! Ohhh, Christ, your cunt is getting so tight with the dog cock growing and plugging up your ass!" I groaned.

"Yeah, yes, ohhhh shit! It feels like a fist in my ass! Holy Christ!" she screamed. "I'm gonna cum, oh fuck, fuck, I'm gonna cum hard, baby, give it to me, yes, hard, like that, oooh fuck! Yes! Fuck me! Fuck me, you fucking animals!"

I gasped at the feeling of her pussy convulsing around my hard muscle, knowing I couldn't hold back much longer. Larry was panting hard and still thrusting into Rena's asshole like a machine. I was trying desperately to hold my cum for the dog, but with the sensational feeling of Rena's tight pussy around my cock, I could hold back no more.

Rena kissed me hard as her body shook atop mine, her limbs quivering as she grasped me tightly while getting double-fucked. She moaned into my mouth, her pussy pulsing with her climax. I groaned back, my steel hard cock now throbbing inside her velvety hole. She moaned louder when she felt my cockhead erupting in her womb, spurts of my cum shooting deeply inside of her. I gasped for air, my cock still twitching as I continued erupting jets of sperm into Rena's cunt for nearly a minute.

When I was breathlessly finished unloading my semen inside Rena's hole, I realized Larius had slowed his pace thrusting in Rena's ass. I went still, my cock not deflating yet. Here it comes, I thought to myself. The dog was about to sperm inside Rena's ass while my prick was in her womb! I shuddered at the sexy, debauched thought. Rena shuddered, too, knowing the dog was about to explode semen into her guts!

"Oh, shit! He's cumming in me! He's cumming in my fucking ass, oh my God! Holy shit! Fuck! It's so hot, his cum is so hot in my asshole! Ooooh, Jesus, so much sperm! Ahhh, ohhh, Christ, fuck, oh I can't believe he's cumming in my ass while your cock is in my womb, oooh yes, yes, honey, I think I'm gonna cum again!" cried Rena.

"Yes, cum for me, baby, cum with the dog cock sperming up in your asshole, that is so fucking hot!"

"He's flooding my asshole with sperm, baby!"

"Yes, take that sperm, take it, Rena, you sexy fucking dog slut!"

She moaned and her body shook violently, her eyes closing tightly as she began climaxing again with the dog's erupting cock buried and knotted in her shitter. I groaned, feeling dog cum start oozing onto my balls from Rena's inundated asshole. Her body continued shuddering hard atop mine for another minute as her intense climax surged from limb to limb.

When she was finished cumming, she looked up at me in a daze. Larry was now still, knotted to her asshole. His cum was plugged up in her ass, but there was so much sperm her ass couldn't hold it all. She moaned on top of me, looking delirious with pleasure. The dog weighed her down, and she struggled to prop herself up, her tits grazing my chest. I grinned up at her and she breathlessly smiled back and collapsed against me, her lips against my neck.

I held her ass tightly, the dog's fur touching my knuckles. My cock was deflating now, throbbing its last throbs in Rena's womb. Larry stayed knotted tight to her asshole, making Rena groan as he occasionally tried to move off of her. I felt my cock plop out of Rena's wet pussy, my cock and balls covered with cum.

Larry whimpered and tried pulling away when he felt me moving around beneath Rena. She cried out as the dog barked and began struggling to pull away. I tried to calm the dog down, telling him to keep calm and trying to pet him, but my position wasn't very advantageous for petting as I was weighed down under Rena's body.

She began to scream as the dog turned ass to ass with her and pulled her suddenly, dragging her away from me and pulling her across the floor. I got up and tried to grab the dog as he dragged Rena behind him, tied perversely to her ass. Larry stopped and turned to lick at her asshole, trying to free himself.

He pulled again and she let out a long wail, the animal successfully pulling his engorged prick out of her bowels. The cock tore from her asshole with a lewd sucking sound, the 8" cock hard as nails and the grapefruit sized knot covered with angry red veins. Rena gasped, breathless on the floor as the dog walked off to lick his cock. Dog sperm flooded her ass, steadily dripping out of her rectum and into her pussy crack and down her thighs to the floor.

She rubbed her ass and looked up at me with tears in her eyes. I looked down at the puddle of dog sperm forming beneath her on the floor and shuddered at the sexy sight. Then I took her in my arms and we kissed passionately while I fingered my cum from her pussy to make her feel better. She moaned softly into my mouth, her hard nipples pressing into my chest as we embraced.

"I love you, baby," I said softly. "That was the hottest fucking thing I've ever seen!"

"I love you, too," she replied, breaking into a grin. “It was definitely a hot fuck!”

Then she bent over and I fingered her clit to orgasm once again while watching the dog cum bubble and ooze out of her pink, puckered hole, already fantasizing about seeing her knotted again by our large German Shepherd!