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A Dog and I

One hot summer day many, many years ago, shortly after I had turned eighteen, I was out hiking in the woods near some residential properties. I had stopped to admire the view and relax for a couple minutes. The sun was warm, the wild flowers were blooming, and the butterflies were flitting all around. It was close to the perfect day.

Suddenly from out of the woods, a medium-large sized dog with brown and black scragly hair approached me, the jingling of his dog tags announcing his arrival. He looked friendly enough and his tail was wagging a mile-a-minute, but I was still leery since I'd never seen him before so I stood perfectly still.

His snout sniffed towards me, then he moved much closer and his rough tongue licked my bare leg since I was wearing very short shorts. That made my young body shiver. Finally his nose forcefully shoved into my pant's crotch and took some long lingering sniffs, then whining a bit like he enjoyed it. I had jerked my wee-wee off earlier that morning so maybe his strong sense of smell had detected that. Again, he pressed his snout into my crotch, this time keeping it there for a minute or two.

Just that snout pressure against my crotch made my wee-wee tingle. I'd never been touched quite like that before and it felt oh so naughty. Back then, it didn't take much to get my wee-wee aroused. When ever I was naked, it seemed to enjoy sticking straight out, bobbing all around, throbbing, its foreskin retracting, especially when I was taking a shower. Almost every time, I had to wrap my soapy hand around that horny mini hot dog, vigorously stroking until my little lips greatly gasped and that stiffie strongly squirted, globs of my warm wet cum dotting the shower stall wall. Luckily, Mommy never caught me, or knew, that I was doing that.

Without warning, that pooch reared up, his paws on my now-shaking shoulders, his snout right in front of my face, his tongue lolling out, drooling. I could feel his hot dog-food breath on my face and smell his distinctly doggy scent. His eyes looked red, looking deep into me, almost burning into my soul. He wanted something and I didn't know what.

All of a sudden, his lower body began gyrating, hornily humping my naked leg, the coarse hairs on his doggy-dick pouch rubbing both sides of my little leg, first on the left side, then on the right, a different side with each and every stroke. It tickled, but also felt so good. I could clearly hear his tags jingling as he thrust. To this day, I have no idea why he had picked me, but I was later glad he did.

My eyes widened as his doggy-dick started peeking out of that hairy sheath, looking so bright pink against his black and brown fur. It didn't look anything like my much smaller white wee-wee. It swiftly slithered out even farther, so much longer and thicker, and as I quickly learned, it was just beginning to grow. My muddled mind was both fascinated and afraid, never having seen anything like it before, not even another boy's stiff wee-wee.

I'd seen a male dog pee a few times, just lifting their leg and letting its hairy sheath squirt, but nothing had ever swollen out of their sheaths. I guess that it's the same for me as usually when I peed, my little white wee-wee didn't get stiff, just strongly squirted a yellow stream through its puffy and wrinkled foreskin. At the end, it only dribbled and my hand had to be quickly shake it to get the last drops out. If I shook it too much at the non-private trough at school, it started getting hard and the older boys standing along side me would tease me, calling me a "homo." They would watch mine but I would get harassed if I looked at their bigger ones.

Hey, it wasn't my fault that my wee-wee was always getting hard. It was like it had a mind of its own and it wasn't telling me what it was thinking.

My eyes had only seen my Daddy's uncut cock a half-dozen times, twice when we'd showered together to conserve water during a water ban, and a couple times when we'd peed together at urinals without those dividers. He was uncut too, though his foreskin seemed to be peeled back most of the time exposing a fat pink head. Even his much larger dangling meat looked nothing like this pooch's thingie.

Just seeing my Daddy's naked cock had made my wee-wee grow and become super-stiff. It never cooperated. I knew that Daddy had noticed, especially when we were naked in the shower together, it was hard not to, but other than his dangling cock swelling a little, nothing was ever done or said. Although he did smile a little. Those times, I couldn't do anything about my stiff problem and had to dry off then slip into my white underpants sporting an obvious bulge. It always took a long time for it to deflate back down. Luckily, Mommy never saw me with that boyish bulge. I would have been so embarrassed and I don't know if she would understand.

I should have pushed that pooch down off me and away, but didn't for some reason, and let his horny doggy-dick have its way with my bare leg. Definitely an alpha dog, taking what he needed. It continued to swell so much bigger and fatter, now looking almost bright red. It was so hugely swollen that I wondered if he was in pain and became afraid to interrupt him. Suddenly, and maybe magically, there appeared this big red ball ballooning at its base. Another unknown for me.

My boyish body felt him shiver and sway against me as he hornily humped. At one point, I even wrapped my short arms around his furry midsection, both to steady him, and also me, as that doggy-dick humped harder and pumped faster. His hot breath almost scalded my neck as he rested his snout on my shoulder, panting deeper and quicker.

I even closed my eyes a little as my own breathing increased, my wee-wee tingling, then throbbing, and my shorts beginning to obviously tent. The good-boy part of me couldn't believe that I was allowing this gross action, and that in response, it was exciting me so down there.

His doggy-dick continued to ferociously hump and pump, spearing into my little leg, then slickly rubbing up and down both sides, coating them with his puppy-making juices. I could so acutely feel his warm wetness oozing onto my leg as I could feel his hot drool soaking the shoulder of my tee-shirt, those two feelings both naughty and oh so very nice. I guess he liked our coupling as he almost continuously half-barked and hotly panted.

I would never admit this to anyone, but I loved how his doggy-dick felt humping me. There was just something so arousing about it and my wee-wee was definitely being aroused. After only a couple minutes, we were both hard and hot, needing to explode.

My horny hand so wanted to take my little stiffie out, unwrap it from my tighty whities, and rub its horny head against his hard hairy belly. Maybe even against his swollen doggy-dick, two stiff swords dueling, then pulling back my wrinkled foreskin and letting our swollen tips commingle but I was too afraid.

Anyway, before I even make up my mind, I felt his body tense, then strongly shiver. Hot wet juices squirted from that bloated doggy-disk all over my bare leg, some running down into my sock and shoe. I too shivered a little. I didn't know what to do so stood perfectly still, his still-drooling gooey doggy-dick almost stuck against my leg.

Finally, his shivering body dropped down, back onto all fours. Looking tired, he sat on his side on the ground. I could still intensely feel his hot doggy-juices running down my leg. Both my wide-open eyes vividly saw his still-bloated red member with this big swollen ball at the base. I never knew what that ball, a knot, was for until years later.

My small hand reached down and roughly rubbed my stiffness through my shorts. Mine needed attention and needed it NOW. For some reason, what that dog had done had made me very, very horny. He was satisfied, but I wasn't.

Still dripping, his dick remained oh so bloated. I couldn't take my eyes off of it. It so fascinated me as I constantly rubbed my stiffness. I rubbed even harder as my now half-closed eyes watched him lick his doggy-dick with his long tongue, seemly enjoying both the feelings from his tongue's rough licks and the taste of his own puppy-making juices. I had once tried to lick my wee-wee but even with it stiff, my young body was too chubby to bend around and reach. I couldn't even squirt my own creamy juices in my mouth so I could taste them.

My horny mind suddenly wondered what his swollen doggy-dick tasted like. Also whether it would be OK to touch and maybe taste it like his mouth had, but I was too afraid of how he would react. I had never seen that dog before.

While he alternately licked and looked up at me, licked and looked up, I pulled down my zipper then wriggled my stiffie out though my white underpants opening. It felt so good just releasing it from its moist confines, setting it free, feeling the warm breeze rush over it. I so wished that I was totally naked but not here in the open.

He seemed to know what I needed and looked up at me saying "Go ahead" and I did.

Pulling my foreskin all the way back, my now swollen stiffie's head looked pearly pink and bloated like his. A drop of my juice glistened from its pee-hole.

As he continued to lick and look, my right hand slowly stroked my short stiffie, loving how my stroking felt. Hot horny feelings grew stronger and stronger in my body. Soon, I began jerking my stiffie faster and faster, my breath coming in gasps, while my mind vividly remembered his humping actions. In only a couple minutes, my stiffie squirted, like his had, onto the ground next to him, one of my much-bigger boyish cums. I sighed, then smiled. Years later, my mind would wonder if this would be considered as my first encounter with mutual masturbation.

My shivering body stood still for a couple minutes, catching my breath, my semi-stiffie now dangling out of my shorts, shrinking but still dripping boyish goo. I guess he liked what he saw, cause he got up and sniffed my puddles of white goo on the ground, then came up close and sniffed my wee-wee. Right then, I wasn't about to stop him. His rough wet tongue lingeringly licked its tip, making it jump and start to swell again. That tongue more forcefully licked it again and again. He'd tasted me and liked it. I so wanted to taste him but couldn't.

His million of lovable licks made my wee-wee stiff again. This time, I went into the woods and behind some trees where he could still see me. My hand frantically tugged down my shorts, then my moist underpants, and finally pulled up my tee-shirt. My lower body was now naked just like his, though totally hairless. He silently watched me having laid back down, and again began licking his doggy-dick. I thought I saw a doggy smile on his face.

"Go on with the show," it looked like he was telling me.

I turned directly towards him and wiggled my short stiffy at him. I so wanted him to lick my stiffie again and now my exposed almost-flat ball-sack, but he remained lying. He looked interested, but after his glorious squirt, not interested enough to get up and come over.

"I guess this will be without him, " I thought as I started stroking my stiffie, bending my back backwards and pushing it straight out. If he wanted a show, I'd give him one.

My right hand continued stroking, first slowly, teasingly, then faster and faster. It was only a couple minutes before my breathing again quickened and I could feel my body shivering and shaking. Guttural grunts escaped my lips as my stiffie again exploded and squirted little boy juices all over that tree trunk.

I reached out to steady my shaking body against that cum-coated tree. I didn't squirt nearly as much as the first time, but my erotic eruption felt nearly as good. I shook the last dangling drops of evidence off my shrinking stiffie onto the ground. After catching my breath for a minute, my still trembling hands pulled up my underpants, then my shorts. When i came out from behind that tree, he was there still looking and licking.

He looked up at me, gave me a kind of doggy smile, then hobbled away, his bloated member still swinging and swaying. It was some sight to see and one that I'll always remember.

That evening when I undressed, I sniffed the sock from that leg, still smelling a little of his doggy scent. I was still too afraid to lick or taste it, like he had of mine.

I abruptly decided to go to bed naked, looking like that dog had, instead of wearing my usual cartoon-patterned jammies. The real difference between us was that he was hairy but my entire boyish body was totally hairless. Sleeping naked just felt like something I needed to do. My white body slipped between my crisp white sheets and almost immediately fell asleep.

I fitfully turned all night long, dreaming of that pooch. In my dream, we were both naked, lying together side-by-side on a blanket under a warm sunny sky, well, he was always naked. At first, we were both pointing in the same direction, his eyes again peering into mine and mine into his.

Then abruptly the dream shifted and we were both fully aroused. My stiffie was now in front of his snout and my head was in front of his again-bloated doggy-dick.

His rough tongue reached out and began licking my stiffie, making it jump a little. My head moved closer to his doggy-dick and he rested his lifted hind leg on top of my head. My nose smelled his doggy scent, and for some odd reason, I liked it. His frequent tonguing was making me hornier and hornier, and eliminating any inhibitions I might have had.

Both my eyes focused on the glistening fluid seeping from its tip, always oozing, then dripping down on the blanket. I just couldn't contain myself any longer. My tongue stuck way out and licked the tip, catching one of his liquid pearls.

"Mmmmmmm, he tasted good, tangy but good," my mind murmured as my tongue licked again catching another clear pearl.

Finally, I licked a third time, this time not pulling back but continuing to lick him just like he was continuously licking me. Stopping, my mouth even strongly sucked on his torrid tip, my tongue swirling all around it. That made him lick me a little faster. I guess this was becoming some kind of contest about who was going to explode first.

We both furiously licked each other, both our bodies tensing up almost at the same time, then shaking, almost ready to explode. Suddenly, I heard this buzzing sound and I woke up. That buzzing had been my alarm clock waking me up foir school. It seemed to always buzz at the best parts of my dreams.

Both eyes peered under the covers. My naked wee-wee was now a full-fledged stiffie, pointing straight up, my boy juices dripping out its pee slit. They looked further down, seeing a puddle of my goo on the now-wrinkled sheet. I jumped up, got a face cloth, and quickly wiped up that creamy puddle, hoping that the sheet would dry before Mommy came in to make my bed. I then quickly hopped into the shower to take care of my stiff little problem, more globs of creamy boy-juice squirted onto the shower stall wall.

My mind thought about that pooch a lot that summer. I even went back to that area a couple times looking for him, but he was never around. Since that fateful day, I've always looked at dogs in a very different way, kind of like a girl checks out a guy's bulge. I wondered how big they would get when they were excited, how far their doggie-dicks would stick out, what shape they'd be, and how big a knot they'd have. I've never really done any hands-on research to find out, but still, always wondered.

I asked my parents whether I could get a dog, a large size one, but they always said "no". Both worked and they'd be afraid about how to keep the dog when they were at work. Somewhere in my mind I knew what that dog and I would be doing between the time I got home from school and they got home from work. We'd become bosom buddies, well maybe not bosom, but something a lot lower down, but that was something never to be.

More recently, I've thought about getting a doggie fur suit, then acting out, or role playing, a fantasy with a male alpha fur. I'd even wear a doggy collar with jingling tags. We might wrestle first as two pooches might play.

I'm sure that very quickly I would be so horny in a fur suit fooling around with another fur like that. I'd be turned on even more as I sucked that "doggie-dick" sticking out of my companion's fur suit, kissing, licking, and suckling, envisioning it to be a real doggy-dick. I suspect that I'd be so aroused that my stiffie might strongly squirt without even touching myself.